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Brain injuries occur when the head is subjected to sudden trauma or force, resulting in brain tissue being damaged. A sudden drop in the brain’s oxygen supply can also cause brain cells to die, resulting in moderate to severe cognitive impairment. There are some brain injuries that are considered to be less severe, such as mild to moderate concussions. Other injuries that result in skull fractures or large amounts of brain tissue being damages are considered to be severe brain injuries 

When a serious brain injury occurs, these victims can spend months or even years recovering from their injuries, and must often undergo extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. This seriously and directly affects this victims quality of life, as well as their ability to work, which is often affected by brain injuries and the long recovery times required. At CZR Law, our attorneys treat these types of injuries with the seriousness and attention they require, and do not stop until victims of these injuries, who have sustained them due to someone else’s negligence, get the full compensation that they deserve. 

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when exactly should you consult a brain injury attorney?

Every year in the United States alone, over 1.7 million cases of brain injury occur. Some age ranges are more likely to suffer a brain injury, specifically the age ranges of 04, 15-19, and 65+. Brain injuries, whether they be mild or severe, can occur in a variety of different circumstances and can be causes by several different types of accidents: 

One of the most common causes of brain injuries are accidental slips and falls, particularly for younger people and the elderly. When someone falls and their head makes fast and hard contact with the ground, there is a high likelihood that a concussion or even more serious injuries can occur to the skull and brain tissue. 

Car, Motorcycle, Truck, and Bus Accidents
Traffic accidents, whether they involve cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, or pedestrians, can result in moderate to severe brain injuries if the accident is serious enough. During an auto accident, a victim’s head can impact the dashboard of the car, steering wheel, or other hard surface in the car, causing injury to brain tissue and the skull. Motorcycle accidents can also result in brain injuries, if a motorcycle collides with another vehicle or a motorcyclist is thrown from their vehicle. No matter which type of vehicle is involved, traffic and road accidents can result in serious brain injuries. 

Assaults and physical attacks are unfortunately a common way that people will sustain brain injuries, with about 10% of all brain injuries in the US being caused by physical assaults. When someone is attacked by someone else and suffers brain injuries as a result, these are serious offenses that deserve legal repercussion to win compensation. 

The reality is that it does not matter how a brain injury victim sustains their injuries – when brain injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, these victims deserve representation and compensation, and you should meet with an injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case. 

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While the above-mentioned accidents are common causes of brain injuries, medical malpractice can also be the cause of brain injuries in a variety of different medical circumstances: 

Patients given anesthesia need to be closely monitored before and after their operations to ensure that they are not suffering from distress or from a lack of oxygen to the brain – this is why anesthesiology is considered to be a field of both high responsibility and high expertise. When these professionals fail, their patient may suffer brain injuries as a result of low oxygen supply to the brain. 

Heart Attacks
When someone suffers a heart attack, their heart is in an extremely weak and vulnerable state that results in the heart not being able to pump an adequate amount of blood, resulting in less oxygen in the brain. Medical professionals need to be able to identify when a patient is having a heart attack and respond immediately with the proper care. When they fail in this responsibility, serious brain injuries can occur due to this negligence. 

Birth Injuries
When doctors perform C-sections improperly or otherwise fail to properly deliver a baby, these babies can suffer from brain injuries due to a lack of oxygen supply. These mistakes can occur for many different reasons, whether it be a lack of experience, a lack of sleep, or outright negligence. 

Note that it is not relevant why these mistakes were made – if they were made and resulted in brain injury as a result, this improperly treated patient is a victim! If you or a loved-one has been the victim of a negligent medical professional, speak with the brain injury compensation experts at CZR Law as soon as possible to discuss your case. 

brain injury victims deserve full and fair compensation – our team knows how to get it

Brain injuries can often be huge events in a victim’s life that affect their speech, freedom of mobility, cognition, income potential, and many other aspects of life. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury that is the fault of someone else’s negligence, get in touch with the team at CZR Law today to discuss your case. We may be able to win you compensation for loss of income, medical bills, and the vast emotional trauma that brain injury victims commonly experience. 

Don’t leave a case of this severity up to chance – rely on an expert team who has been litigating brain injury cases for years, and who understands how to win compensation for brain injuries in a variety of different circumstances. 

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