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Slip and Falls In Stores

I slipped, fell, and was injured in a store – now what?

When someone slips and falls in a store and sustains and injury, this can be a traumatizing event in which the victim may be entitled to compensation on behalf of the store’s owners. If a slip and fall happens in a store due to clothing articles not being hung properly, mop buckets or wet surfaces being left open to store-goers, or other situation where there is negligence, the victims of these cases should always seek out compensation for their injuries. 

Stores have a duty to their customers to maintain a safe environment.  Sometimes a heavy item is not secured on a shelf which then falls on a customer.  Sometimes a milk carton falls from a shelf and staff neglect to clean it up quickly, resulting in a customer slipping and falling on the floor.  Both small, and large retailers like Home Depot, Target, Walmart and most supermarkets will attempt to deny responsibility for your injuries.  It takes resources and experience to fight multi-billion dollar companies, whether it’s an insurance company, or a large retailer.

While you should always seek out medical assistance after an injury, you should also always seek out expert legal representation if this type of injury is caused by someone else’s negligence. In these cases, your attorney will have to be able to prove liability on behalf of the store, which is an often difficult process.

Trust our veteran attorneys with your in-store injury case

The Trial attorneys at CZR never back down. It’s important to make a claim quickly. Stores often attempt to “mis-place” security camera footage which can be crucial to your case. If you’ve sustained an injury that is the fault of someone else, get in touch with our team today to discuss your case and how we may be able to help. Our veteran attorneys have been representing injury victims for years, and know how to navigate these often tough and long cases. 

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