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Assaults by Security Guards and Armed Security Personel

What can you do when assaulted by a security guard

An assault is a serious case – this is where one individual intentionally harms another through kicking, punching, other means of physical fighting, or with weapons. While many picture an “assault” to be a surprise attack or spontaneous fight between two people, assaults where one party is responsible for compensation can also take place with professional security guards and other security personnel.

Security guards at bars, restaurants, hotels, concert venues and other locations are trained to use their size and strength to subdue those who cause disturbances, or who are otherwise disruptive or violent. However, we at CZR Law see cases where bouncers and other security personnel overstep their authority and cause harm to innocent people. When this happens, the victim has a clear case of assault on their hands!

Security guards, as stated above, are trained to be at-the-ready to respond to violence and disturbances. Sometimes, these security personal, whether it be due to temper or a simple mistake, will subdue innocent people. When security guards subdue a target, they can end up punching, kicking, or throwing a victim, or even use weapons such as batons or tasers. When this happens to someone who is not violent, was not causing a disturbance, or who otherwise did not deserve to be violently subdued, and these victims sustain serious injuries as a result, this is a serious crime that deserves compensation!

The team at CZR Law has over 40 trial attorneys who specialize in these types of serious assault cases, and we will not stop until we get what we and our client want and deserve.

Get in touch with our team today if you’ve recently been wrongly assaulted and injured by security personal.  

we know how to navigate tough assult cases

Even in cases where negligence seems obvious, a strong case is needed to demand and win the maximum amount of compensation possible from an injury case. Get in touch with our team of experts who have been navigating tough injury cases for years to discuss your assault case. 

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