Over $1.5 billion won for Personal injury victims

Get a free immediate video consultation with an attorney

Over $1.5 billion won for Personal injury victims

Get a FREE immediate video consultation with an attorney


Car Accident

For the victim of a car accident in which the driver was over-served at a restaurant/bar..


Birth Injury

For the victim of a birth injury caused by medical malpractice in San Luis Obispo… 


Drunk Driver

For the children of a woman who was killed by a drunk driver in Los Angeles… 


Car Accident

Settlement in a disputed liability car accident case for a 21 year old client and her two children…

Individal Attenion. Personalized Service.
Our Award-Winning Team of California Trial Attorneys Are Here For You Every Step Of The Way. We Don't Back Down, & We Will Fight For The Maximum Compensation For Your Claim. When Experience Counts, Count on Experience.

Personal Injury Attorneys
Dedicated To Fighting For You

We believe it is a lawyer’s highest moral calling to stand up for injured people against the big insurance companies that routinely refuse to take responsibility and only seek to maximize their profits. Our Firm has repeatedly demonstrated that it has the depth and experience to handle the most complex, personal injury, wrongful death, and civil rights cases.

Meet The Team

A compassionate law firm ready to stand up against insurance companies for the injured and their families.

We have over 40 trial lawyers on staff who are highly experienced in personal injury litigation, and regularly win trials. Insurance companies pay attention to our demands.

John C. Carpenter


Paul S. Zuckerman


Nicholas C. Rowley


Robert J. Ounjian


Steve Glass

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Our best endorsement comes from our peers. Many of our new clients are referred to us by other attorneys who are having difficulty getting an adequate settlement for them. Other attorneys know our reputation as tireless litigators who never back down in the pursuit of justice for our clients. They know that when it’s time to fight an insurance company in court, our trial lawyers are right for the job.

FREE case evaluations

We offer free consultations and immediate video consultations with our trial lawyers. Get in touch with our team to speak with an expert about your case today!

NO FEE unless you win

Paying for legal fees can be tough amidst a serious injury. That’s why CZR Law works on a contingency fee, meaning that there are no fees until we win your case. Call us today to learn more about how contingency fees work.

Vehicles repaired or replaced

For vehicles damaged or totaled during an accident, CZR Law is able to get some vehicles repaired or even replaced. Call our team today to learn if your case may apply for vehicle repair or replacement.

We will get you medical treatment

Injury victims should be recovering after an accident, not haggling with their insurance company or being anxious over medical bills. Our team will help you get in touch with the best medical providers to arrange care after an accident.

Your bills get paid, reduced, or eliminated

We know how to get medical bills paid, reduced, or even eliminated before your settlement. Speak with our team today if you’re facing large medical bills after an accident sustained due to someone else’s negligence.

We are the firm other lawyers turn to when the going gets tough

The trial lawyers at CZR Law know how to get what we want! We have over 40 trial lawyers on standby at any given time ready to fight and win your case.
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